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Who we are

Emckal Web Solutions Limited is a Nigerian based Web Services company that started business since 2008. The Emckal team have been into various online and offline marketing for many years. They have undertook Web projects ranging from startups to full scale industry projects. Emckal is a brand name in the business of Web Development, Online Advertisement, Company Branding, Web and Social Media Promotions, Consulting on ICT Related Issues, etc. Having undertook projects within Nigeria and beyond, we can proudly say that our customer base is international. We crown our quality services by making our prices very affordable to procure by clients as we believe the growth of your business directly contributes to our advancement. So the next time you think of a web designer, think of Emckal Web Solutions.

Key Services

We analyze your products/services and proffer a rendering that is most suitable for your niche. Based on your design specifics, we develop and build your site from the scratch to finish. The websites we build can also implement its own API or be integrated to other APIs for your custom web applications. We also build your desktop and mobile apps in order to help your business keep pace with the digital age. It is also noteworthy that we accept cryptocurrency payments especially for our international clients who might want to patronize us.

Are you bereft of ideas for your business startups? Emckal Web Solutions offer a premium service on helping you float your business ideas and give your company overall branding image that it rightly deserves. This branding goes beyond your website and includes relevant social media presence for your business and services. We help you to portray your products, business or services to the relevant platforms that will make your business image to soar.

Using various web techniques, Emckal helps you to market your products and services to your online prospects. And understanding how competitive your industry might be, we help you be on top of the competition with our SEO & SEM which we imbibe on even from the outset of building your site. To increase traction on your site, we help you analyze your online potentials for targeted email and newsletter marketing. We also assist other clients in building an SMTP server for their business newsletter campaigns.

Our philosophy of growth is to allow others grow with us. Hence we offer specialize training on various online niches. This ranges from computer programming, hands on web development training, industry data analysis training, machine learning, smart contracts development training, Blockchain encryption training, etc. We also offer specialized company staff training tailored to your industry needs. We give ongoing technical field support for our trainees and interns. We also offer consultation services for clients who wish to know how the internet can be used to promote their business or services.

Our Skills

Design Skills 77%
Creative Skills 80%
Business Skills 88%
Coding Skills 96%

Want to get started with us?

For a limited period of time you can benefit from our free consultancy program. Our project manager will contact you via phone or email and you will have a nice conversation about your company’s present and future

Team Members

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Gilead E.

Gilead E.

Web Developer/Programmer | Co-Founder

Expert in web development and programming. Computer Engineer and data scientist with experience in online marketing and promotions. Head Educator at Emckal Web Solutions.

Bethel K.

Bethel K.

CEO | Co-Founder

Business strategist and entrepreneur. With a wealth of experience in startups and business development. Expert in conceptualizing business ideas and bringing it to fruition.

Joshua O.

Joshua O.

Head Branding | Blockchain Developer

Blockchain development expert. Head branding and social media promotional manager at Emckal Web Solutions. Experienced in implementation of blockchain technology in various business/services.