After going through this post, you will realize that anyone can make money online if only you know how. But we want to say that this is not really a get-rich-quick scheme because for each of these websites you really have to put in some work in order to squeeze money out of it. Now let us talk about the first website you can use to make money online this 2020.

You might not need to reinvent the wheels. Do what others did and you’ll get the same result. Improve on what they did and you’ll get a better result


One this with Duda is that you can use it to create a mobile optimized website of your own or for your clients. You can use it to develop your site where you can sell to your clients or develop for your clients and put some money into your pocket. The cool thing about Duda is that you don’t really need to be a tech guru to be able to develop a website because they already have tons of already made templates that you can use and modify to become your own.

You can examine websites of some companies around you that are not really mobile friendly and offer to enhance such to make it mobile friendly since greater percentage of clients will likely be viewing their site on a mobile device. If you get such clients, just go to Duda and drag and drop and get a mobile optimized site for them and make cool cash.


Canva is a graphic design website where individuals can go and create some good graphics and sell online and make some money. You can create things as simple as thumbnails and sell to clients. Within minutes you can create thumbnails and make 3-5usd and their are lots of clients coming to Canva to have just items like thumbnails and they are ready to pay you right away. You can get up to 10 or more clients a day and make some money which by the end of the month will add up to some cool cash in your pocket.

Meanwhile Canva is completely FREE. No free trial no paying of any sort. When you browse the site you will see different templates for thumbnails, social media ads in different niches. You can also create Facebook or Instagram ads for people and make some money. You can also get clients from anywhere at all both locally and internationally from Fiverr, Upwork or elsewhere and get their jobs done on Canva and upload to them. And the good thing about it is that the more clients you make, the more your reputation and the more consistent income you rake in by the end of the day.


This is a site I sell courses on. Some people have made thousands of dollars selling their courses on Teachable and you can do the same. Most of you have a good knowledge than the average person in some areas or niches. So what you can do is to put that up into an online course and sell it so that you can make some pretty sum of money. Visit Teachable and on the home page you will see they have paid out hundreds of millions of dollars to instructors just on online courses. You will also see they have tens of thousands of instructors who have created an online school of their own and have students from whom they make consistent online income.

There are over 150,000 courses on Teachable in virtually everything you can think of. And the good thing is that they have free plan you can use and make some money. When your courses are bought, Teachable takes some percentage of it, which of course is of smaller percentage when you are using the paid plan. But signing up is free and Teachable can only earn when you earn while enjoying the free plan.


Another site worthy of note is On Flippa, you can make some money buying auctioned websites, domains, apps, etc and resell. Just like buying estates, all you have to do is buy cheap websites or apps that have some earning potential, give it a face-lift maybe adding some functionalities or just editing some pictures and graphics and resell maybe within same week at a very good price, sometimes triple the purchased price. On the site you can see some people buying a website that is making over a thousand dollars with less than a hundred dollars!

Just browse through the site you wish to buy and see things you can improve on it, maybe adding a better description, and the potential it has to make money then do the purchase right away or place a bid for it and sell thereafter with double the amount or manage it yourself to make consistent income online.

Clickbank/Amazon Associates

These two giant affiliate marketing sites are put together not because they are the same, but because Clickbank has restriction for some people from certain countries around the world. Hence if Clickbank is restricted in the area you live and you do not wish to go through some hurdles of boycotting your IP address, then you can tag on to Amazon Associates which also has thousands of products you can promote as an affiliate and make some cool money. On Clickbank, some affiliates make up to $50 per sell or more of a product just from the comfort of their homes without touching or producing any product of their own.

One good way to go about it is by selecting your affiliate product and do a YouTube video to review the product and paste your affiliate link at the bottom of your YouTube video page and drive leads to your affiliate link and any sell you close gives you the agreed affiliate commission on the product.


Another good site for making money is Some guys have made some real cool cash on this website selling PDFs or courses online. It is somewhat similar to Teachable but you can sell just some small piece of information and physical products on Gumroad. You can sell a piece of PDF write up for $5-10 and make couple of tens or hundred dollars maybe within few weeks. And the good thing is that same products you created today can continue selling over and over again in the future and be generating passive income for you. Again they pay you once you start earning you do not need to buy any membership to qualify for your earnings and payments