Many people may be mad at me for disclosing this secret, but nevertheless our sole aim in Emckal Blog is to assist one another grow. There is always a saying that “Google is your friend” of which many still do not truly understand how that can be true in business reality. I am going to be very brief and concise in this post but when you apply the information therein, you will surely notice high traction in your website or YouTube video ranking. And as you know, that translates to more money in your pocket.

When the money comes by applying the information in this post, just remember to reciprocate the gesture by sharing your success story to others Emckal Blog.

Now let’s roll it…

Before you chose the title and tags of your YouTube video or blog post, kindly go to and download the Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension of the file. Install the file on your browser – Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Keywords Everywhere Home Page

When you finish installing the extension, refresh your browser by closing and reopening it. When that is done, you will see the extension icon on top of your browser window as noted in green ink in the picture below. If you don’t see the icon, know that the extension did not install successfully. You can then try to reinstall it if that is the case.

Google Statistics as Shown by Keywords Everywhere Extension

If the extension was successfully installed as shown above, go to Google search and type any keyword you have in mind. As shown in red ink in the picture above, you will see statistics of that keyword typed and various other related keywords and their statistics and CPA value of those keywords. In the statistics shown you will be able to see how many Google users typed those keywords within a month and so on. Even though some keywords may have zero or very small search value per month, the figure is usually higher in reality than shown.

Finally, armed with those statistics above, you need to use the keywords with lower search value per month in your blog post or YouTube video title and tags in order to rank high in the search engines whenever those keywords are used by individuals. This extension is extensively used by many professionals and affiliate marketers online to rake in thousands of dollars on their YouTube videos, blogs and affiliate links. Do not reinvent the wheels but do what works and observe your sites and videos soar high.