Client UG Educational Supports Services
Production Date April, 2019
Used Skills SEO, Facebook Pixels, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube
Categories Marketing, Projects

Project Description

UG Educational Supports Services is one of our numerous clients that we built a responsive website for their business. To ensure their brand is widely known, we had to incorporate social media marketing for their promotions and adverts. We proposed using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and other emerging social media means to ensure their service visibility to as many potential clients as possible.

Project Features

  • Establishing an animated Facebook page that contains their current educational promotions and offerings.
  • Building a LinkedIn for their business in order to make connections that matter to their sector and to add authenticity to their business existence and modus operandi
  • Opening a Twitter account of the company and making relevant social tweets that drive followership 
  • Posting some pictures of their study abroad banners and accomplished feats on Instagram

Project Outcome

  1. UG Educational was able to reach many of their prospects within the first two months that they had to advertise for social media manager position to ensure follow-up of the numerous requests trooping in from their social media.
  2. We were able to get some positive reviews of some of their old clients who responded to the excellent services rendered by the company
  3. The company experienced an unprecedented 12% income within the first quarter of the fiscal year
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