Many folks sometimes wonder if it is possible to make money online especially if they have tried several online methods without making any headway. But in this post I am going to give you tips that will guarantee you making nothing less than $50 to $200 everyday on YouTube without recording any video yourself. What you only need to do is to religiously follow the steps I am outlining to you and you will be certain to record success in no distant time.

Meanwhile, before taking the following steps, ensure you already have a YouTube channel or you can quickly create one for yourself and then proceed.

Step 1

As we all know YouTube is a video based site and you need to upload a video to start making money. Hence the first step to take is to find a niche you want to post a video on and get relevant video that supports that niche. For example, let’s say you want to delve into the fitness niche. The first thing to do is to go to and download free video on the fitness. From the search box as shown, type the niche in this case ‘fitness’ and download any of the videos that are displayed.

Videezy Homepage

Another good website where we can source for free non copyrighted video is Just like the former, we can get free videos that can be used on YouTube without breaking any copyright law.

Pexel’s Homepage

Step 2

Go to and download VidIQ, which is a Chrome extension, and install it on our Chrome browser. You need VidIQ to be able to analyze videos on YouTube to get the real time statistics and performance of some viral videos on YouTube in the niche of your choice.

VidIQ Website

Step 3

Go to YouTube and search for the same niche that you already have a video on. You can select the most viral of the videos that are displayed by YouTube. Given that you already have the Chrome extension VidIQ, many statistics about any video you select will be shown by the side as shown in the picture below:

YouTube Video Statistics as shown by VidIQ Extension

Step 4

From the VidIQ statistics blurb that is shown beside the video, select all the tags used by the viral video you have chosen copy and save them in a word processing document like Microsoft word or Notepad where you can easily access and use them when due.

VidIQ Video and Channel Tags

Step 5

Upload the video you have already downloaded from Videezy or Pexels into your YouTube channel. Slightly modify the heading of the viral YouTube video you once opened. For example, if the heading of the viral video is “How to Burn Belly Fat in 2 Weeks” you can slightly modify yours to “How to Burn Belly Fat in 3 Weeks. But ensure that your video will be very much discussing something related to the heading of your video so as not to bore your viewers with unnecessary content which will definitely affect your video score points.

Before you save your video, use the tags you have already copied and saved earlier from the viral video as the tags of your current video and then save. If you take these steps as specified, you are sure to experience the same result as you see your video going viral in no distant time.