When it comes to making money online, there are scores of various ways that can be done. But one thing of note is that there are also lots of people already there hunting for these various online money making outlets. And study shows that very few percentage are actually making the money they came to find online. Worse yet, many have had their fingers burnt in the process by loosing money and simply becoming bag holders for those who succeed.

I am briefly going to show you 10 legitimate ways to make money online free of charge without having your precious fingers burnt. But ensure you also use your discretion while proceeding.

No 1. Amazon Associates

Fig. 1 Amazon Associates

Amazon happens to be the number one market place on the internet. But it is interesting to note that most of the products sold on Amazon happens to come through Amazon affiliates. That is where Amazon Associate Program comes in. Becoming an affiliate in Amazon means you can advertise the products sold on Amazon, either on your website or on YouTube or wherever, through your unique affiliate link and make some percentage when a sell is closed through your affiliate link. This can guarantee you a very huge passive income if it is well promoted.

No 2. Google Adsense

Fig.2 Google Adsense

Google Adsense is another good opportunity to make passive income through your blogs or YouTube channels. Adsense program follows pay-per-click approach to reward site owners who directs traffic to Google through the adverts shown on their site. Google adverts from Adsense shows as a banner, blurb or pop up on the blog page that site visitors can click and the site owner get rewarded by Adsense. Even though the amount per click might be just few cents/dollars, it adds up over time to something worthwhile especially on a site with high traffic. There can be a number of Adsense ads running on different parts of a site’s page and on different pages which cumulatively rake in reasonable amount of money for the site owner. Once you have a good content on your site or YouTube videos, it would not be a bad idea to subscribe to the Adsense program. It is completely free.

No 3. JVZoo Affiliate

Fig. 3 Jvzoo Affiliates

JVZoo is another very good affiliate site that can make you lots of cash in 2019. Most of software programs have made thousands of dollars for affiliates in just one day! Since most of the products on JVZoo are digital products, it is easier to make lots of money with just one product that users download and install on mobile phones and tablets. You can simply go to http://jvzoo.com and sign up free and start promoting your link.

No 4. Amazon Kindle Publishing

Fig. 4 Amazon Kindle Associates

Amazon Kindle Publishing is another silent money maker for book writers and affiliates. Publishing Ebooks on Amazon can be a rewarding experience as that can make you good amount of money in 2020 if you are good in writing and publishing books. But if you are not good in writing so as to publish your own book you can still make lots of cash in Amazon Kindle by promoting other peoples’ books through your affiliate link. You can as well outsource the writing through some online freelancing sites like Upwork or Freelancer and then publish as yours on Amazon and make good money. Remember thousands of books are sold on Amazon each day and you can easily have a fair share of the pie by starting today.

No 5. Upwork

Fig. 5 Upwork

For many years freelancers have boasted of making reasonable online income through Upwork. The good thing about Upwork is that there are tons of jobs waiting to be executed by individual freelancers irrespective of where you are in the world. If you are good in graphics designs, web design, programming, writing, almost anything at all, Upwork usually have something within your niche. And once you execute jobs, you are paid immediately the person who hired you certify a job well done. The good thing about these online freelancing jobs is that you can apply and execute jobs within the comfort of your home and make some quick cash. Just like the rest, sign up is free.

No 6.  Flippa

Fig. 6 Flippa Homepage

Flippa is another silent money making machine for many online business persons. On Flippa, you can buy a business or sell yours within a very short time. Some folks make it their niche to start an online business and sell it off at a very huge amount of money as the site starts budding in profit. On Flippa, you can sell a domain you bought at $10 for few thousands of dollars within a reasonable short period of time. I have a friend who buys auctions at Flippa, retouch it and put it up for sell at a very huge profit. It is as simple as that and you can start today as well.

No 7. Dosh App

Fig. 7 Dosh App Homepage

What would it feel like if you are paid back some part of the money you used in purchasing an item you need? Obviously that feels good! That is exactly what Dosh App does when you sign up. The good thing about Dosh App is that you are not only paid when you use the app to make your favorite purchase, but are paid $5 for each referral you make whether the individual purchases anything or not. What the person only needs to do is to use your referral link and download the app and register his payment card and you are rewarded with $5. Many have made thousands of dollars from Dosh app just by referring persons to use the app. Meanwhile you get 5-15% cashback for products and services you use each day. Simply go to http://www.dosh.cash and download the app if you are from any of the countries the app is supported.

No 8. Textbroker

Fig. 8 Textbroker Homepage

Are you good in writing with a good typing speed? Then Textbroker can be a very good source of online income for you. And the more you execute jobs, the more your reputation grows and that translates to more money for you. At Textbroker you can be paid few cents per word up to $0.50 per word typed when your number of stars get up to 5 stars. Hundreds if not thousands of dollars can be made on Textbroker each day. Some who are not too good or fast in typing sometimes resort to using Google Docs to translate speech to text but would not earn you much if your documents are usually bedecked with many typographical or grammatical errors. Your reputation can adversely be affected by executing jobs full of errors. So sign up free from the comfort of your home and make reasonable online income this year with Textbroker.

No 9.  Amazon Handmade

Fig. 9 Amazon Handmade

Artisans from whatever niche can make good money with their handmade products by leveraging on the power of the number one marketplace on the internet – Amazon. Many people round the world highly esteem handmade products and are usually scouting to for one with reasonable cash on hand. Anything handmade can be sourced for ranging from handmade bracelets, shoes, face caps, wood work, sculptures and so on. Amazon Handmade offers opportunity for artisans from different parts of the world to register and showcase their handmade products to potential customers round the world. This means you can showcase your product, put your price and when someone buys on Amazon you ship the product to him and get paid by Amazon. Amazon only collects their percentage cut when the product is finally sold.

No 10.  Fiverr

Fig. 10 Fiverr Associates

For many years, Fiverr has been very useful for freelancers who are in various niches. It happens to be my favorite for making money because of their affiliate program for promoting the site itself. It is an online freelance site just like Upwork where jobs can be done in no distant time by any of the freelancers hired to do the job. Being Fiverr, jobs like creating logo, graphic designs, and so on can be executed at a very cheap cost of just $5 within a very short time. And the competition there makes it easy to get something huge done within a very small ridiculous budget. It can be a win win situation whereby you work as both an affiliate in promoting the site and a freelancer in executing jobs on the site within your niche.


Having been walked through the 10 various legitimate ways of making money online this 2020, the right question would be, what is holding me back? Granted, even though it is less difficult than most of the jobs we usually undertake, it can be a tough emotional challenge to start up in any of the ways outlined. Nevertheless, starting with any one of them you feel more comfortable with will be the best decision to take. Taking action is what really matters most irrespective of which of the niches we channel the effort. 2020 is still fresh and juicy. Start today and let us hear your success story before the year end.