The importance of strategic and calculated investment can never be overemphasized. It sometimes can be the difference between becoming rich later in life or not. One of the world’s richest, Warren Buffet is well known for his investments in the capital market that earned him the renowned status of a model investor well known throughout the world. As earlier said, we do not need to reinvent the wheels, but take action on what have been established that worked and you will be profitable yourself. In this post we are going to examine just few of the investment programs that you can quickly cash in and start growing your money as quickly as possible.

The information presented here is very accurate as at the time of publishing this post. You may chose to modify it to taste and recent fund managers that suit current trends.

Forex Trading Investment

The ability to make millions, within a short time, in the foreign exchange market is not something new as there have been many cases of such all over the news. Granted, that also goes with high level of risk for the ones who consider it to be a get-rich-quick scheme. Nevertheless, for those who understand that slow but steady has always been the natural process of things, making a fortune in the foreign exchange market is almost but a certainty. This article, of course, is not to teach you how to trade the Forex market yourself, as that entails a whole new vista of learning, but to teach you how you can pull that money you have redundant in the bank where it makes no income for you and invest it on Forex traders who have a long history of making consistent income in the Forex market.

Different Fund Managers and their Returns

Now let us narrow down to the fund manager No 2 from the table above. We are using this as a case study because looking at his chart, it is very consistent with less draw downs.

The Live Chart of The Fund Manager No 2

From the above picture, we can observe just 3 Forex fund managers and their results over time. We want to focus attention on the No 2 (encircled green). The table shows that in 339 days he has been trading, he has been able to make 6708.54% profit. To put the figure in real perspective, assuming you invested just $200 with this manager, at the beginning of his trading in the past 339 days, you will have made a profit of $13,417.08 (200 x 6708.54%) as at this day! Since he takes 50% of the profit, you will be left with $6,908.54 ($6,708.54 + $200) which is very much profit for less than a year investment as can be seen from the profitability calculator of the same fund manager below.

Profitability Calculator of Forex Fund Manager 2

You can only imagine how much return on investment you would have made with the first manager who has 14,874.16% ROI. That would have turned your $200 to $14,874.16 in just 208 days of investment! Think of how much you have left in the bank in the last one year and assume the money is invested into such trading. A good number of us have much more than $200 lying fallow in the banks without doing anything for us but rather being used by those financial institutions to rake in billions for themselves without commissions to us.


As it is often said, no time is late. You can start investing now and prove to yourself how much money you can make in the next couple of months. You can open an account here or contact us for a step-by-step guide on how to proceed. For further questions, comment on the link below and I will try as much as possible to respond for further benefits of the Emckal Blog community.